Uniform gods

hgiff said: please keep this blog aliveeeeeeeeeeee

Unfortunately, no one ever submits anything. It gets to be a lot of work just to maintain it :/ I will see what more people say, but thank you!

Hey everyone,

Sorry for not posting anything in forever :/

Haley and I have been very busy and not had time for this blog.

I am thinking about just deleting it, message us if you want this blog to stay or if you are willing to help out.



Hey everyone :)

Sorry I haven’t been posting in awhile :(

I will post more as soon as I get a chance!

Anonymous said: This blog sucks. I think it's degrading to men and women soldiers. GTFO TUMBLR.

Does anyone else feel that this blog is degrading? Feel free to go on anon and let me know..

I don’t want anyone to be mad about this blog.